Villa Mode Decants

Villa Mode offers the opportunity to purchase decants or fragrance samples for some of the fragrances available in our assortment. This is a chance to get to know a fragrance before making a decision to purchase a full-sized perfume bottle.

*Please note that these fragrance decants are prepared by Villa Mode, and there is no affiliation with fragrance brands and manufacturers regarding these decants.


Fragrances are decanted following the highest hygiene and precision standards. We use 100% new decant bottles with sprayers, rubber gloves, and each fragrance has its own sterile filling instruments, thus ensuring complete cleanliness.

The fragrances are poured into the bottles only after receiving payment for the purchase and on the day of shipment, directly to you, minimizing the time when the fragrances are outside their original packaging.


You can choose from 3 ml and 10 ml decants. Medical tools are used for filling to guarantee the respective volume. In all bottles, there is also a small air gap next to the 3 ml or 10 ml fragrance liquid to ensure proper sprayer operation. Therefore, the bottles will never be filled to the brim, as otherwise, the sprayer would not work.


Dear customers, please note that when purchasing a decant, this product cannot be returned by rejecting the purchase, as each fragrance decant is made for a specific buyer, and it is not possible to guarantee the impeccable compliance and sterility of the product upon return.

Take advantage of the opportunity! Purchase a sample of the fragrance that interests you and try it in your own environment, getting to know it better to make the right decision. If it becomes a part of your fragrance collection, then you can treat yourself to a full-sized bottle that will not only delight you with its scent but will also look enchanting on your vanity table.