The story of Kajal Perfumes Paris began not so long ago - in 2014 in Paris, but today, this perfumery house also calls Toronto, the United Kingdom, Italy, Dubai, and the Philippines its home. Kajal's approach to creating fragrances has moved many. Specifically, from its earliest creative days, Kajal perfumers seek to elegantly intertwine ancient traditions with contemporary spirit. They are rich, opulent, profound, and symbolic aromas - not only in terms of composition but also in design, as each element holds its significance.

Kajal is truly devoted to eternal beauty and respect for cultural heritage. The name Kajal is also linked to cultural history, referring to an ancient Indian tradition of accentuating the eyes with the blackest tone to highlight allure and simultaneously provide protection. Kajal or kohl, the term used today for eye pencil, is an ancient Indian decorative cosmetic product.

Sentiments, historical elements, architectural details, the undeniable beauty of nature - everything converges in Kajal fragrances, appreciated by those who see allure and luxury in expressiveness.