The origin and story of the brand revolve around Albert Fouquet, a descendant of Parisian aristocrats who was not only a connoisseur of fragrances but also a creator himself - for both personal use and close friends. A significant turning point occurred in 1937 during his vacation on the French Riviera when he met a young American student, John F. Kennedy. Throughout the summer, they became friends, and the future U.S. president learned about his newfound friend's passion and talent for creating perfumes.

Legend has it* that John Kennedy liked these fragrances very much. Upon parting ways, Albert Fouquet gave him a sample with a note saying: "In this bottle, you will find the dash of French glamour that your American personality lacks." Later, Kennedy requested eight more samples for his friends and "if your production allows, another one for Bob." Albert Fouquet, unfamiliar with English, didn't realize that Bob referred to John's brother Robert. He found the best glass bottles in France, filled them with perfume, and labeled the crates sent to America with: "Eight & Bob." Soon after, Albert Fouquet started receiving new requests for the "Eight & Bob" fragrance, now from representatives of the film industry closely associated with John F. Kennedy's father. That's how the brand's name was born.

Eight & Bob

The subsequent development of the brand was not straightforward. It was heavily influenced by both World War II and the tragic death of Albert Fouquet in a car accident. However, his fellow humans, family, and friends managed to preserve the perfumer's legacy from oblivion and gradually restore every formula he created or started. As a result, today, "Eight & Bob" continues to create exclusive fragrances, preferred by those whose lives are shaped by the concepts of "elegance," "style," and "aristocracy."

*The brand's legend has been passed down verbally by Albert Fouquet's family over the years. To make this legend easily understandable, fictional elements have also been added.