1. How to shop at Villa Mode online store?
    • Familiarize yourself with all the information about the product you are interested in, read its description.
    • Read the information about available payment methods, delivery, and delivery times, as well as the conditions for returning goods. If everything suits you, proceed with your purchase.
    • Add the selected product to your cart and follow the steps indicated until you reach the final payment step.
    • After successful payment, you will receive an email confirming that the payment has been received, and your purchase will be prepared and sent.

If you have any questions, please write or call!

  1. Is it possible to exchange a product for another one?

Purchased products cannot be exchanged for another one. To buy another (desired) product, you need to return the already purchased product (if delivered), wait for a refund, and then you can purchase the desired product if you made a mistake in your first purchase.

  1. How can I return a product to the store and get a refund?

In short, if the product* has not been used (and tried), and is in the same condition as purchased, it can be returned, and you will receive a refund. *Please pay attention to exceptions for certain products that cannot be returned. Read the full terms for returning a purchase and receiving a refund in the Refund Policy section.

  1. What to do if the received product is damaged?

In short, if the damage is noticed at the time of receipt, you should refuse to accept the product or return it immediately using the return code. If damage is noticed when opening the package, it should be photographed, and the store should be contacted for further instructions. The packaging of each package is carefully documented, so any discrepancies that may occur during packing and/or delivery can be quickly tracked.

  1. What is a decant?

A decant is a fragrance sample. The fragrance is decanted or poured from the original fragrance bottle, following the highest hygiene and precision standards. A decant or sample is an opportunity to get to know a fragrance of interest more closely before deciding to purchase the full-sized bottle. For more information about decants, read here.


  1. Does Villa Mode offer discounts?

Yes, Villa Mode regularly offers discounts. All discounts have a validity period during which they can be used, and some discounts have conditions that must be met to receive them. Find full information about discounts and their conditions in the Special Offers section.

  1. Does Villa Mode offer discount codes?

Yes, discount codes are one of the ways to obtain discounts. Codes are distributed in various ways, such as being sent to Villa Mode's closest customers who receive newsletters (making them participants in the 'Loyalty Customers' program). Other codes may be distributed through social media or with the help of influencers. Always keep track of the code's expiration date and conditions. If you have any questions, please write or call!

  1. Does Villa Mode have a loyalty customer program?

Yes, Villa Mode has a loyalty customer program. You can join it by signing up with your email address and receiving Villa Mode newsletters. All active recipients of Villa Mode newsletters (emails) are participants in the loyalty program.


  1. What is Villa Mode?

Villa Mode is an online store specializing in perfumes and jewelry. Villa Mode is a boutique-style store, with a carefully selected range of products to bring joy to Villa Mode customers. All products are on-site at the company's warehouse in Latvia. Learn more about the store in the About Villa Mode section.

  1. Does Villa Mode also have a physical store where products can be viewed in person?

No, Villa Mode is only an online store.