Pocket-sized aromatic gifts for Christmas

As the year-end festivities approach, the question of small, beautiful gifts for your girlfriend, close colleague, friendly neighbor, beloved teacher, or sports coach becomes relevant – everyone you want to delight with a symbolic, thoughtful gift.

We offer several ideas for pocket-sized aromatic (or almost pocket-sized) gifts.


Hand cream is a versatile gift that will be useful for everyone and won't gather dust on the shelf. In winter, look for a nourishing and moisturizing cream that will protect the skin in harsh weather conditions.


Théophile Berthon 1867 indulgent hand creams with Provence honey, high-quality oils, and vitamin E.


The greatest joy for fragrance enthusiasts is trying something new. Fragrance samples, decants, and discovery sets are the best way to explore and adapt to new scents at your own pace.


Base Note Discovery Set created by the French luxury perfume house AFFINESSENCE. This is a unique approach, not yet attempted by others, to create fragrances solely from long-lasting base notes.

Villa Mode Box - Discovery Set. We have selected 4 niche fragrances that, in our opinion, perfectly complement this winter. The fragrances are elegantly packaged in travel-friendly bottles with a sprayer, presented in a gift box with ribbon.


Candles are no longer in the category of ordinary gifts because nowadays, candle-making and scenting have become almost an art. A beautiful, aromatic candle creates a cozy atmosphere and decorates the interior.


Body cream is a rather personal gift, so it's important that giving it is justified and the cream itself is of high quality. For example, for a skiing instructor whom you've known for a long time, such a gift would be timely because for those who often spend time outdoors in harsh weather, skin protection and nourishment are especially relevant.


Théophile Berthon 1867 ultra-rich body butter creams with 6 natural active ingredients and the aroma of essential oils.

Wishing you a peaceful and mindful holiday season! May the search for gifts bring joy to both the recipient and the giver!

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