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Home fragrances transform our homes into stories we want to live. Sounds poetic, doesn't it? Of course, we can also look at them quite pragmatically - home fragrances give a space a certain scent. But WHY would we want the room to smell differently?

Home fragrance

Scent - Carrier of Emotions

When talking about fragrances (of any kind: from beloved perfumes to freshly baked cinnamon rolls), we always have to go back to basics - with the help of scent, we not only recognize facts about this world, but also experience emotions and store memories. Even before a newborn focuses their sight, they sense smell, and it's one of the strongest senses. They won't mistake their mother's scent for anything else; it calms them and creates a sense of comfort. And so it goes on - a scent evokes feelings of gentleness and comfort (the aroma of morning coffee on a weekend morning), sometimes feelings of anxiety (the smell of smoke without visible cause), triggers memories (feeling the scent of narcissus, spring comes to mind), and so forth.

This is also the reason why people choose to scent the spaces they live or work in. Emotions, the pursuit of emotions, memories, sensations. In truth, we're all such romantic beings!

A fragrance can elevate our emotions and make everyday life happier and more productive, but it can also overwhelm, causing headaches.

Ways to Infuse a Space with Fragrance

No space is without scent. It's shaped by the home itself, its inhabitants, the cleaning and maintenance products - a whole mix of aromas. And then - air fresheners, whose history reaches back centuries into the past, primarily used for various rituals. Nowadays, although scented sticks haven't lost their popularity, the most sought-after are:

  • diffusers (ranging from reed sticks in aromatic solution to electric diffusers that disperse fragrance with air droplets);
  • aromatic candles.
Home fragrance

How to Choose a Good Home Fragrance

What makes a fragrance good? It's one that isn't overwhelmingly synthetic, causing headaches, and disperses its scent evenly over a long period.

1. Prefer home fragrances produced by perfume or candle manufacturers rather than household goods manufacturers because the former have access to high-quality and natural ingredients suitable for inhalation over a long period. On the other hand, air fresheners used in household goods production serve a different function.

2. Pay attention to the volume. If your rooms are large and it's important to you that the scent lasts long, choose a larger volume.

3. Don't experiment too much with scent notes. If, for example, you don't like the smell of roses, then don't buy a home fragrance where rose is one of the notes.


Bedroom (relaxation, rest): lavender, cedar, vanilla.

Kitchen (heart of the home, most active area): lemon, grapefruit, lime, peppermint.

Living room (family time, relaxation): amber, sandalwood, jasmine.

Bathroom (rejuvenation, self-care time): fruits, flowers, tropical aromas.

Villa Mode Recommends

Luxury home fragrances from the French perfume house Eight & Bob:

1. The cozy, warm ambiance inspired by the skiing resorts of Telluride - Aspen in Colorado, USA. Eight & Bob TELLURIDE – ASPEN

2. The refined, blooming atmosphere inspired by the exclusive village of Sagaponack in New York. Eight & Bob SAGAPONACK – THE HAMPTONS

3. The mood of celebrating and enjoying life inspired by the city of Varenna on Lake Como in Italy. Eight & Bob VARENNA – LAGO DI COMO

4. The exotic holiday atmosphere inspired by the small Lord Howe Island in the Tasman Sea. Eight & Bob LORD HOWE – MER DE TASMAN

5. The sense of wilderness adventure inspired by Lake Tanganyika in Africa. Eight & Bob TANGANIKA – L'AFRIQUE

Let your home be the best place to be!

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