A journey for mystery enthusiasts - Rosarium.

Capture the essence of mystery and intrigue with 'Rosarium.' Immerse yourself in a fragrance that beckons lovers of historical architecture, riveting stories with a touch of secrecy, and far-flung, exotic journeys. Despite the starkly different settings, it brings you closer to yourself.

Angela Ciampagna Rosarium

Introducing the masterpiece 'Rosarium' by niche fragrance artisan, Spanish perfumer Angela Ciampagna. Her eponymous fragrance brand, inspired by history, legends, and sacred rituals, carries a distinctive element under each bottle—a hand-written number, confirming a personalized touch for every creation and customer.

As you might gather from the bottle design itself, this perfumery house adores drawing inspiration from history, legends, and sacred rituals. Every Angela Ciampagna bottle features a unique element attached to the cork—a rose window, characteristic of grand Gothic cathedrals and churches. This design element is chosen as a symbol that narrates the never-ending dialogue between the sacred and profane aspects of life, craftsmanship, and nobility, the ancient and the modern, all converging to achieve balance.

The fragrance's name, 'Rosarium,' translates to 'rosary,' and its composition draws inspiration from tabernacles found in Catholic churches—a decorative cabinet for religious ritual objects.

Do you feel the mood this fragrance carries? It can either entice or repel in an instant. It all depends on your personality, and both reactions are entirely normal.

This scent falls under the woody-aromatic group, dominated by iris, honey, and vetiver, creating a mysterious and enchanting impression, akin to entering a historic building filled with legends and facts, where you first smell dry dust, then sweet flowers, aromatic herbs, and finally, a soothing, slightly intoxicating blend of vanilla and vetiver. As you exit this building, you find yourself back in reality—another world. But you'll carry the exhilarating, reverent, and captivating experience you had inside with you for a long time.


Top notes:

Honey, tobacco flowers, carrot seeds.

Heart notes:

Juniper berries, iris root powder, violets, celery seeds.

Base notes:

Musk, vanilla, cedar, vetiver, incense.




  • You unquestionably adore powdery and vetiver scents because powder is distinctly perceptible in this composition.
  • You're in search of an unusual fragrance that stands out from the rest.
  • The fragrance's story and packaging design matter to you, including the significance of these design elements beyond aesthetics.
  • You seek a long-lasting fragrance.


  • You have reservations about fragrances associated with historical, religious buildings, and ritual traditions.

LONGEVITY* (1-5 cat paws)


*Fragrance longevity depends on various factors: skin type, weather conditions, the wearer's ability to sense the scent, emotions, etc.


Angela Ciampagna Rosarium
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