Perfumes are an integral part of your festive image

From November to January, there is no shortage of reasons to get particularly spoiled. Adding to the official holidays the marathon of Christmas "trees" and New Year's parties at workplaces, schools and among relatives, a whole festive season comes together. It goes without saying that your holiday clothes, shoes and accessories are different from what you wear everyday. Make-up is also likely to become more expressive during the holidays. But have you thought about perfumes in a similar way?

Holiday fragrances, Villa Mode

Perfume wearing habits are so varied and individual, yet it seems that in these times when perfumery is so widely available and used, it is rare that a person keeps a "special, holiday-only fragrance" anymore. And in this way, unfortunately, you deprive your holiday image (and mood) of a very strong, even magical charm.

Just as beautiful holiday shoes have the ability to make the walk easier and more feminine, so perfumes also have the ability to allow you to experience the holidays more fully and colorfully. And if the holiday will be miraculous, then the aroma will recall it forever. The aroma of the holidays will keep the most beautiful memories - both for you personally and for others about you.

Are you ready to give your image that magical extra accent?


Villa Mode recommends looking for holiday scents in the niche perfumery segment. Why?

  • First of all, in this way it will be avoided as much as possible that several women in the room will have the same fragrance.
  • Secondly, niche fragrances stand out for their long persistence.
  • Thirdly, the design of niche fragrances tends to be so luxurious and special that it definitely allows the bottle to become almost an interior element.

2. USE

Regarding holiday fragrances, Villa Mode recommends following similar basic principles as for everyday fragrances, however , holidays are the occasion when the use of fragrance can be (with a sense of proportion) bolder .

  • Spray the aroma in 2-3 places of the pulse (behind the ear, in the hollow of the neck, on the inside of the elbow, on the palm, on the inside of the knees), because there the aroma will live the longest. Does not damage the perfume composition when rubbing palm to palm. Allow the perfume to dry naturally.
  • You can also spray the fragrance on your clothes (blow a small cloud of fragrance in front of you and pass through it, allowing the perfume drops to stick to the fabric). This is the right method for those who develop an allergic reaction when the perfume is sprayed on the skin.
  • Better less than more. Although the desire is, of course, to feel one's own aroma, one should not overdo it, because in this way it can cause headaches not only for oneself, but also for those around. In order not to risk it, be sure to try your new perfume at least two days in advance to understand how intense it is.
  • Buy a refillable fragrance bottle with a sprayer so you can fill it with your holiday fragrance and renew as needed. Such a spare bottle is a good way to store your holiday fragrance, for example at the workplace.


This is a broad topic that touches on the storage of fragrance when not in active use. In short, there are two key words to keep in mind: dark and cool . A perfume bottle that will not be used for a long time is stored in a place where it is not constantly exposed to light and in a place that is cool rather than warm. This is a prerequisite for the fragrance to successfully wait for the next use.

Villa Mode TOP holiday fragrances 2023/2024

TOP of holiday fragrances, Villa Mode

Lesquendieu Feu De Bengale
KAJAL Joorie
Angela Ciampagna Hatria

Share in the comments, what fragrance do you associate with the holidays?

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