We recommend the fragrance: warm your winter with KAJAL Joorie!

KAJAL Joorie is known in perfumery forums as a gourmand fragrance - the kind of perfume loved by gourmands, connoisseurs of life. Listen to the rich and aromatic notes in it: nutmeg, cloves, ginger, pepper, sweet rose, honey, vanilla, tonka bean. In Latvian winter, these notes really stand out - like red roses in white snow. They warm and evoke festive feelings, adding floral sweetness, luxury and splendor to everyday life. Learn more about this sensual fragrance!

KAJAL Joorie niche perfume

KAJAL Joorie has been available since 2018. Moe Khalaf (founder and creative director of KAJAL) while working on the creation of this fragrance, found inspiration in his childhood, when summer vacations were spent in a country house, which had a fantastic garden, but of course, the rose was its queen. The little boy went to this rose bush again and again to inhale the rich aroma.

The rose is undoubtedly the protagonist of this perfume. In addition, it is the reddest, the biggest flowers, the sharpest thorns - the queen was born and will retain this status until the last moment. This rose is surrounded by no less high-born knights: from the fiercely woody nutmeg to the honey, which is not sugar-sweetened at all, but natural. No, really, this flavor isn't sweet at all in the 'powdered sugar and candy' sense. Its sweetness is not "sugar", but the natural sweetness of flowers and herbs . When the knights (ginger, pepper and the others) have gone to rest, the base notes start to be associated with Christmas - a warm sweet, spice accented aroma. It is not for nothing that these perfumes are considered to belong more to the winter season.



Top notes:

Nutmeg, cloves, ginger, bergamot, lemon, pepper.

Heart notes:

Rose, ylang-ylang, orange blossom.

Base notes:

Tonka bean, oud accord, musk, sandalwood, honey, cedar, patchouli, vanilla.


Who will love this passionate fragrance?

I can't think of any young woman under 25 who would choose this. This is definitely not a young girl's fragrance in our opinion. It is more likely to be loved by a woman who has life experience to look back on. Who knows what sentiment is, what great passions and recovery from great passions are, enjoying the romance of the moment, the need to love yourself.

It should be noted that this is not a fragrance ONLY for women, it is unisex , so we will be very grateful if a man who has experienced this fragrance responds and expresses his opinion about it.



  • You are looking for an expressive niche fragrance.
  • You are looking for a distinct evening fragrance: for special, romantic, social evenings.
  • The design of the bottle is important to you, and you prefer a luxurious, decorative and noticeable design.
  • You are looking for a lasting fragrance.
  • You are looking for a fragrance that is most suitable for the cold season: autumn/winter.


  • You don't like rose notes.
  • You love to smell intensely from head to toe, inhaling perfume even several times a day, and this is your well-being ritual. It's easy to overdo it and give others a headache with this fragrance - it's really strong and more suitable for the evening.

RESISTANCE* (1-5 cat paws)


*Persistence of the fragrance depends on several factors: skin type, weather, physical ability of the wearer of the fragrance to feel the scent, emotions, etc.


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