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Hello, Villa Mode readers! I'm delighted to see you!

Autumn has officially arrived, and I wholeheartedly love autumn in all its manifestations. Not only on days when the colorful leaves shimmer in the golden sun and the kitchen smells of freshly picked mushrooms from the forest. I also love it on those days when the powerful, moist autumn wind has blown the leaves from the trees, and they begin to rot. And on those days when the sun is hidden behind thick, gray clouds, and fog embraces the bare tree branches. When the crisp air tickles the nose. When storms rage. In autumn, my inner energy awakens, and the warmth that I vividly feel contrasts with the weather that often brings a somber mood and melancholy. And, of course, I have my wardrobe of autumn fragrances that I want to share with you, perfume enthusiasts!

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Eau de Parfum for Women

Since 2017, I've been calling this my signature autumn fragrance. It's Eisenberg Diaboliqueduring the cool season when the familiar "autumn scent" lingers in the air, sourced from slowly rotting leaves and plants, that this fragrance truly comes to life. Back when I was a beginner in the world of perfumery, I used to describe this scent as "enticing but intoxicating wild herbs." Today, armed with a bit more knowledge, I recognize it as the vibrant, sweet-spicy cardamom - a cousin of ginger - dancing with sunny mandarin. It's followed by powdery iris and violet. But in the end, what captivates me is the enigmatic sandalwood: deep, warm, and soothingly gentle. Unfortunately, this fragrance is not (at least for now) part of the Villa Mode collection, but I've already secured a 100ml bottle to pamper myself with this autumn.



Extrait de Parfum for Women and Men

Angela Ciampagna's fragrances have recently piqued my interest in niche scents. I savored the summer heat with incense Angela Ciampagna Hatria Villa Mode blogand the floral Rosarium (imagine entering a cool church at +30 degrees, sitting down, and allowing your overheated body and mind to find harmony again). Now, in autumn, I'm succumbing to the allure of roses – because Hatria Rose is Italian, sensuous, warm, and vibrant. Some describe this scent as gourmet and claim it's perfect for Halloween celebrations. I'm seeking the rose that affirms life in it, even though I'm not a die-hard fan of rosy notes. But in the coolness of autumn, the scent of roses reveals itself in a new way, becoming a true queen when it's no longer overshadowed by the presence of other blooming flowers.


Feu de Bengale

Eau de Parfum

 This fragrance is the scent of my special, festive autumn evenings. As a true representative of the gourmand category, it indulges with sweet, warm notes of vanilla, almond, Lesquendieu Fleur de Bengale Villa Mode blogand iris. But the absolute, undeniable elegance comes from figs and roses. The design reflects the status of this fragrance - each Lesquendieu perfume bottle is adorned with a 24K gold decor on its cap. The company has been in existence since 1903, and over the years, it has managed to maintain its reputation for luxury and the highest quality. As for me, I plan to wear it on the most special evenings when I put on a little black evening dress and also take out my Gucci satin slingback heels from the box - for an elegant celebration.

Tell us in the comments which fragrances you will be wearing this autumn?

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